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15 Dec 2021
@Erica245 - 10 min Ago

Wish someone a sincere ‘good luck in your new job’ with these sweet messages. Make sure you pick out a good luck new job card to go with the words, and pop a beautiful bunch of flowers from our gift range in your basket, to make them feel super special.

22 Oct 2021
Adding a new event with attachments

Too much or too little spacing, as in the example below, can make things unpleasant for the reader.

10 Jul 2021
Create new project buildng product

Every team project can have a velzon. Use the velzon to share information with your team to understand and contribute to your project.

18 May 2021
Donald Palmer - Has changed 2 attributes

" This is an awesome admin dashboard template. It is extremely well structured and uses state of the art components (e.g. one of the only templates using boostrap 5.1.3 so far). I integrated it into a Rails 6 project. Needs manual integration work of course but the template structure made it easy. "

10 Feb 2021
Velzon admin dashboard templates layout upload

Powerful, clean & modern responsive bootstrap 5 admin template. The maximum file size for uploads in this demo :

01 Jan 2021
New ticket received Completed

It is important for us that we receive email notifications when a ticket is created as our IT staff are mobile and will not always be looking at the dashboard for new tickets.

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12 Dec 2021

02:35AM to 04:30PM

Frank hook joined with our company

It makes a statement, it’s impressive graphic design. Increase or decrease the letter spacing depending on the situation and try, try again until it looks right, and each letter has the perfect spot of its own.

02:35AM to 04:30PM

Trip planning

In the trip planner, keep only one or two activities in a day if the purpose of the trip is to relax and take it easy during the vacation :

08 Dec 2021

02:35AM to 04:30PM

Velzon - Project Discussion

The purpose of the discussion is to interpret and describe the significance of your findings in light of what was already known about the research problem being investigated, and to explain any new understanding or fresh insights about the problem after you've taken the findings into consideration.

10:24AM to 11:15PM

Client Meeting (Nancy Martino)

A client meeting, meaning, direct collaboration and communication with a customer, is the best way to understand their needs and how you can help support them.

9:20AM to 10:05PM

Designer & Developer Meeting
  • Last updates
  • Weekly Planning
  • Work Distribution

05 Dec 2021

Our Company Activity

Wow...!!! What a Journey So Far...!!!

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December, 2020

Plateform Development
10 : 35 PM

January, 2021

Release Bank & Cards Phase
8 : 10 AM

March, 2021

Beta Launch of Plateform
01 : 47 AM

April, 2021

First Crypto Bank Transfers
07 : 53 AM

May, 2021

Launch Ethbay Services
4 : 05 AM

June, 2021

Fastest Crypto Transaction
02 : 40 AM

July, 2021

Crypto Blockchain Release
9 : 27 AM

August, 2021

Launch Ethereum Classifieds
06 : 19 AM
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